Spiccato –“Subtly Strong”

The strong presence of Indian Arabica judiciously coupled with delectable robusta beans gives a full bodied temperament yet a tantalising feel. Designed to suit the taste of South Indian filter coffee lovers, this coffee goes well with milk and we guarantee that you will relish every sip of this magical potion.

Intenso-“Passionately Intense”

With intense flavours from regional mixtures and a deep yet rich taste, our intenso blend gives you a bright, strong and energetic feel. With pronounced aromas and a taste bordering on caramel and toast blends to coffee, we guarantee you a heavenly experience in every cup.

Esotico-“Superlatively Exotic”

A perfect balance between the strength of arabica blends and the vivacity of regional coffee, esotico has an enriched tone and personality with its intense aroma and velvety feel. With a subtle chocolate aftertaste, esotico is truly a sensory revolution.

Bizzaro-“Impresssivly Outlandish”

Enjoy the outlandish taste of a blend of pure arabica and high grown monsoon coffee. An exquisite coffee blend designed to stay etched in your memory; Bizzaro gently kisses you with its sweetness and quietly seduces you by its subtle bitter feel. Fruity notes of citrus and jasmine give it a light, elegant body and a overwhelming feeling of completeness to complement your soul.
Additionally we have capsules for tea lovers as well and they come in the following three varieties. Each of our teas is a pleasing balance between flavoured sense and subtle sensuality.

*Each box contains 50 units of capsules

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